Yes, yes, I am a writer.

Bobbin' Bob series: 
  • inspired by my energetic and enthusiastic Catechism students;
  • one story written, needs final illustrations before submission; and,
  • one or two more stories planned, but obviously require more tweaking.
Lucky Lindy series:
  • inspired by an ill-conceived idea to peruse orphaned dogs;
  • one couplet written, a possible refrain or tie-in for the books; and,
  • six stories in the planning stages.
Peachy-Keen, Hunky-Dorey, & Other Such Nonsense series:
  • not inspired by Ceejus & The Foliage as supposed by Swiss Miss;
  • nine couplets into The Gingerbread House, including a very snazzy refrain; and,
  • plans for an indeterminate number of books as this series is rooted in the Brothers Grimm.