Gracious me, it's a real post!

So, updates, I :

  • am growing quite partial to being the "only child";
  • very easily tire of being the "only grandchild";
  • went to the Delaware Antique Show (and possibly frightened a lot of people with my usual behavior);
  • am a little too scared to finish the illustrations for my first story, at present;
  • have not yet been repaid by my father and so have not yet made pierogies ;
  • would really like to replace my defunct laptop with this since I really don't need all the rigamarole that comes with a laptop;
  • am two thirds of the way through my Thanksgiving reading;
  • will be substitute teaching 15 fourth-graders at Catechism today;
  • have a very strong desire to start a vegetable patch and herb garden; and,
  • will be posting the next time I can think of anything to write.