Books Are My Crack

On the one hand, I want to laugh maniacally for having discovered how to post to my blog from my iPad which doesn't like Blogger's user interface.
I'll have to login later to add links and such, but that doesn't take more than a couple of minutes.

On the one hand, Ceejus is getting married and I am thrilled for her.
Ceejus and The Foliage are freakishly perfect for one another.
It's painfully adorable, though not literally.

On the one hand, the wedding weekend requires I surrender several dozen well-beloved books that never did me wrong in order to make room for my sister's guests.
What is everyone else giving up?
Not a whole lot in the way of security blankets, thank you.

On the one hand, I've done pretty well keeping on top of homework except for taking time off to cry over the books I'm losing.
Also, the forced timeouts when the internet fails have been a challenge.
In addition to which, today the server by which I access my online classes decided to deny me access and thus complete my final assignments with less than a week to go until the end of the summer semester.

On the one hand, my Christmas gift to myself will be graduating, but due to some wonky new rules my General Studies degree will have a focus instead of a concentration; the latter being official, the former being much less so.

In conclusion, I am a five-handed villain of the blogosphere plotting to take over the world and shut down the internet to raise books to their former glory.
Next logical step, take Moscow.