This Is An Emergency Broadcast

Alright, so you might not technically call this an emergency, but I think this little story is pretty telling to my abilities as a writer and an editor:
Predicting television.

I do this a lot.
Usually with my mother.
Whenever I get it right I say "Called it."
My father has actually banned me from saying this when I watch tv with him.
So, now my mom says it for me.

Anyhoo, this non-conversation recently took place on Twitter between Myself and JoeMantegna:

  • Aug 11
    • JOE
      • What would you like to find out about Rossi this season?
    • ME
      • Oh, man, we should totally meet at least one of his wives.
  • Aug 15
    • JOE
      • Don't you think we should visit one of Rossi's ex-wives?
    • ME
      • That's what I'm saying. Let's rehash some grudges, with good old Italian Catholic humor.
    • JOE
      • Read through today for 705, is there an interesting person from Rossi's past in this episode? Maaaaayyybbbbeeee.
That was when I realized he probably only sees tweets that were posted online as responses.
Which makes me wonder why I bother having tweets delivered to my internet-free phone since tagging him has apparently been pointless.

If you're reading this, Mr. Mantegna, I totally know what's what and I luuurve it.