We Now Submit Online

You know what's too good to be true?
Online submissions.
Yup, I'm saying it.

Sure it's nice to know that the internet is saving me money on postage.
But at what cost?

I sent in "Chanticleer" to an online submission tracking system which I can check at my leisure to see the response it's getting.
So far, zilch AND, every time I so much as look at a computer or my ipad, I have to check.
I have to be informed instantly of their decision so I can stop worrying about how I'll react.

Cry for joy that my bizarre little baby made nice with the kids at school?
Cry for disappointment that the magazine wouldn't know genius if it bit?
Run around the house screaming, "I'm a professional effing writer"?
Run around the house screaming, "What's the matter with them?"

Decisions, decisions.