the almost-start of my career

A little less than a year and a half ago, I found an advertisement online looking for a children's editor for an upstart website.
Graduation was nowhere in sight* and I thought,
"What the hell do I possibly stand to lose?"**
So, I write a letter about how being a babysitter blah-blah-blah*** and being a college student they could get my work for cheap.
A few days later there's a message waiting on my cellphone.
It's a guy who wants to talk about possibly employing me, but he's laughing so hard in the message I could barely understand him.
I should mention now that - besides my brilliant letter for his entertainment - my voicemail welcome was "Sheriff, the Elf, what's your favorite color?"****
When SisToo came home that Christmas I played the message***** for her.
Without even seeing the letter I had written she said, "I want you to write all my cover letters."
Now, I've just cleaned up my resume and sent it to my aunt for approval.
Then I can take that awesome letter from a year and a half ago - which I have since edited to perfection - and go get me some internships.
After my resume has been approved.******

*I was at a different university then with a different major which put graduating. well. out. of. reach. As opposed to my current situation which will have me graduating as a Christmas gift to myself this year!
**About as much I do right now. I don't have a job and I'm mooching off the parents. Yeah, I'm a real keeper.
***You though I would tell you the letter? Hell to the nah!
****This has been my voicemail welcome since Elf came out in theatres. I have several replacements. I just haven't used any. Yet. I should do that  . . . 
*****I kept that damn message on my phone for a whole two months before my phone deleted without my permission. Now, when I need an ego boost, I have to sing especially loud in church to fish for compliments. Oh the misery of me.
******You should see this thing, I really am just a glorified babysitter. With really fantastic boots.