Why is everything changing?

Okay, so today I've changed everything to Holy Christmas* that I possibly can;
  • Blogger,
  • Twitter (this didn't actually need changing),
  • Youtube (just the channel name),
  • Etsy (coming soon),
  • Words for Friends, and
  • so forth.
All this to make it easy for people to locate and contact me via the web.
The only downside - beside not being able to change my Youtube username - is that the proper spelling was taken for my blog.
So I had to do the stupid Xmas spelling. Ugh. The misery of me.
Whatever, maybe this will all lead to Matthew Gray Gubler stumbling across my whatever**, pining to illustrate the Pangaea Historia and the Encyclopangaea for me.***

O, Mister G.
do hear my plea.
Say you agree
to draw for me.

*Why Holy Christmas? It's my catchphrase. At least, I say it a lot. Sometimes it expands into "Holy Christmas and the Great Pumpkin!" I like when that happens.
**Like what I did there. What part of the word will send you where?
***It would probably help my case if I finished writing these. It's been baking what - 11 years now? Sheesh. I really rock at the whole procrastinating thing