Thanks for having me, BWI.

Due to my recent exhaustion, I thought it best to make really excessive checklists to make sure nothing of necessity was left behind.
Conclusion: I forgot a bag for my dirty clothes.

Are you impressed?
I'm pretty, pumpkin impressed with myself.
Anyhoo, after PREP today I had lunch and trimmed my hair and finished my suitcase and got my purse together and got my ticket confirmation printed out and pulled a couple of donation bags for the cancer people to pick up from the front door on the sixth while I'm up in the air returning.
My mommy grabbed me a soda-pop on our way out the door, she's so good to me.
It's been a busy afternoon, but worth it I think.
I love seeing the troops coming home.
Not for any political reason, I love seeing the family reunions.
It's such an intimate moment for these people and it's been forced into public view.
Very Norman Rockwell in appearance, but I felt like a jerk for pulling out my camera.
So, take the boat instead.
Isn't it pretty?
I'm sure my dad would lurve it.
Anyhoo, I'm trying to transfer pictures from my phone to my iPad while I wait for my flight to arrive.
It's slow, but it's happening.
Btw, thank you Green Turtle restaurants/bars for having in airport locations with free wi-fi.
This post would not have been possible, otherwise.
I have a layover in Cleveland.
It will be my first time back in Ohio in ten years.