CLE connection

Getting on that first plane I really wish I had a fedora and a whip.
It was tiny with propellers instead of jet engines.
Be still my beating heart.

Apparently, propellers hate ears and my person was devoid of gum.
Oh, the misery of ascent.
Once in the air though, I thoroughly enjoyed 3 Dead Princes which I'd won months ago in a raffle on LitDrift and had never finished.
I'm totally sending "Nephilim" to Exterminating Angel Press when I get home.
Anyhoo, the descent was doubly dreadful, but the lady behind me was nice enough to give me some gum when we landed.
Waiting for my flight to LA - and kinda-confused-about-the-lack-of-a-time-change-thus-far-purely-out-of-hunger - I don't mind telling you I was totally checking out some Orthodox Jews.
Seriously, this guy was about my age and had a full, finely groomed beard.
Most guys my age trying to grow facial hair look like they shaved their pubes while hanging upside-down and the mess got stuck to their chinny-chin-chins.