A Day of Valiant Efforts

I'm heartbroken, people, heartbroken.
First, the day in brief:
  1. Sis and I planned to attend mass at 08:00. Slept in a bit, did stuff until 16:15, and went to 17:00 mass.
  2. I only counted on seeing Tyrone Power's bench and Valentino's box at Hollywood Forever Cemetery because Sis hates cemeteries. She dragged my butt all over the place, I'll post pictures sometime soon. She's a real trooper, but I have a light sensitivity and forgot sunglasses. Yeah.
  3. Sis wanted to take me to Pinkberry and show me The Grove. There was a lot of walking and confusion before my headache got some water and ibuprofen.
  4. Planned on seeing Ghostbusters at Hollywood Forver Cemetery. Sis needed a nap after church and didn't get there til they were already sold out. Decided to go to Santa Monica Pier.
  5. Sis tried to drive me to Santa Monica Pier. We kind of got lost, definitely couldn't park, decided to go home and watch Life Aquatic (Marie really needs a bra when she runs).
Now, my heartbreak, only not really.
Before coming out to LA I made two tweets tagging Mr. G just to make myself giggle.
  1. gonna be in LA this weekend? Cause I'm watching Ghostbusters at Hollywood Forever Cemetery!
  2. but first my sister and I take Disneyland at the point of a sword! Thursday ...
Then, I totally met him.
It's highly improbable my tweet had anything to do with his being at Disneyland.
In all probability, he never even saw the thing.
Still, I met him.
So, goob I am, I thought there was a chance of his being at the cemetery for the movie.
I really want that Wilson shot.
Additionally, the idea had occurred to me to munchkinland his socks.

Tomorrow, my day will be spent alone as Sis will be at work.
Tuesday is completely booked and we will at some point take a picture at the National Typewriter Company and then get food at Tacos Por Favor (no batting cages, though).
Wednesday will be my return trip home.
Chances are slim I'll get my Wilson shot, let alone be able to munchkinland his socks.

In conclusion, I'm heartbroken for missing Ghostbusters.
Bill Murray was my first ever actor crush.
I totally named my first babydoll Oscar.