Please, Christmas, don't be late.

My Christmas gift to myself this year will be for me to graduate from college.
Not including the year I took off to decide to not be an actress, it only took me 4.5 years.
That's 4.5 years at 3 universities trying out 5 majors.
Sure, I drop it down to three majors at family get-togethers, but I own that little dishonesty.
  1. Acting (one year)
  2. English (two years)
  3. Early Care & Education
  4. Elementary Education K-6
  5. Language Arts (one and a half years)
This Fall will be my final semester.
Still, I am taking courses this summer.
The school splits its semesters into two blocks.
Good for keeping me from getting overwhelmed.
I finished the first summer block before coming to LA with a 3.02 cumulative.
Today is the start of the second block with an online course and a creative writing course.
What could go wrong?
My online class is my senior seminar.
To help us get to know each other, the teacher had us take a quiz which I highly recommend.
If you get a tie, like me, they give you one last tie breaker question.
Mine erred on the side of a fantastic nose, a name to rival any cheese, and a following of talking rats and talented chickens.
My classmates are green, though not with envy.
One went so far as to say they were just happy not to be me.
Excuse me?
This should be good.