Kudos, Caprice

Today, Caprice made her first-ever loaf of banana-nut bread.
This is probably the most popular bread recipe - by frequency baked - in the household.
However, it has been neglected recently because a certain sister had to up and move to LA.
There were a things which suggested this was Caprice's first time baking anything:
  • when the recipe called for a teaspoon, she reached for one of the dessert spoons;
  • when the recipe called for baking soda, she thought it meant soda-pop; and,
  • she didn't use the KitchenAide*.
*She even asked me how she should mix the ingredients together. When I suggested the KitchenAide, she looked at me like I had egg on my face.**
** She had that same look when she opened the egg carton and found empty egg shells. Sometimes, in the midst of baking/cooking, it's just easier putting the shells back where you found them. Is this bizarre to anyone else?