Best Day Ever: Yesterday

It started off pretty normally, first day of August PREP* and my kids and I are on a roll.
It probably helps that I have a killer aid who - despite being grammatically stinted** - makes a fair contribution to the class discussions.
Then, my dad took me and Caprice sailing that afternoon.
Her second time ever - I'm an old pro - and on the way back we got caught in a storm we thought was going to pass us by and then didn't.
Papa Hemingway would be proud, I'm sure.

Especially since I'll be making into a short story with elements of magical realism.
I lost my hat, you see.
A fantastic hat I never wore often enough.
It basically saved my life and then flew away.
Speaking of short stories, Exterminating Angel Press sent me an e-mail yesterday requesting permission to publish my flash fiction "Nephilim" in the September issue of their online magazine.
I ran around the house yelling "I'm a published effing*** writer!"

*Parish Religious Education Program
**Apparently, he never uses apostrophes. Not one of my students agreed with him that it's okay to forget an apostrophe. He was also unaware that dashes are called hyphens. My kids knew. My kids are awesome. Yes, yes, it's good to be me.
***I was still in full-on sailor mode from my Old Man and the Sea experience. So, I definitely was not saying "effing" at the time.