A Series of Fortunate Events

Yesterday was my first official day in California, ever.
My sister took me to Disneyland for the day where first we found this:

Lots of things happened involving crazy pictures.
However, before I can share any of those, I have to share this:

I met Matthew Gray Gubler, twice.

We were leaving Tom Sawyer Island and I saw him waiting for the next raft.
I made my sister try to get a picture, but that didn't go so well.
Then she was fishing through her bag thinking she had lost something (this happened several times throughout the day).
I looked back at the raft boarding on the island and saw he was on it.

If we're still standing here when he gets off, I'm asking for a picture.

No, you're not.

Yes, I am.

We won't be here.

She found what she wanted just as he got off and said "Have him sign this: [my ticket to Disneyland]."
Then, lunatic I am, I pretty much lunged at him.

Holy Christmas, can I take a picture with you?

Yes, of course.

Awesome! Oh, and could you sign this?

Sure, oh you've got an autograph book?

No, it's my ticket.

Great, what's your name?

[not-The-Sheriff-because-I-don't-have-any-of-my-boots-with-me], don't even bother with my last name, it's crazy.

What is it?

[my REAL last name]

That's great. My last name's Gubler.

Yeah, I know. We [gesturing my sister] get all sorts of mispronunciations with ours [listing off variations].

Here's your ticket, I drew him new eyes too.

My sister was super impressed with just how pumpkin nice he is and then a woman asked us who he is and with a stunned face told us, "He just took a pitcure for us on the island, I had no idea."
Awesome possum, lady, awesome possum.
So we carry on with our crazy picture day eventually making our way to the Indiana Jones ride.
There he is, again.
Coming out.
But, classy dame that I am, I'm not going to run the huge distance between us and scare him, this time.
Instead I decide to myself that if our paths cross I'll go in for a high five.
Which I do after the ToonTown crazy pictures (though I altered my path slightly to avoid a couple of strollers that would have made it impossible and thus may have looked as though I jumped out of nowhere like an awkwardly-dressed ninja).

Holy Christmas, high five this time?

[high fiving me] Hi, how are you?


So, I just skidaddled on my way
For Gubler fans, this is the end of my post.
For those fans, or anyone else in the world who want to see my pictures, here they are with brief captions.

Hurray for parking and a surprisingly even haircut (which I did, myself, before my flight).

Imagine the chair and wall have spun around with me to surprise you.

Pirate me

Reformed pirate me (no ring)

Dudes took our swords

Steering boat with hook, nice

Yep, I like me some boats

one must always look nice and nonchalant for gentlemen callers


make a wish into the well, that's all you have to do
and if you here it echoing, your wish will soon come true

hunchback with jazz hands

I think I see Judy Garland

Please, Mister, don't send my brother to the chair

It's Miss Yvonne in distress (minus a boob joke)

Next time, mentos and pepsi

Super hero pose

Super ninja pose

Eject and Reject take Disney by force combo pack 

Take a spoonful of this

It is my destiny

maybe not at this angle

or this angle

but maybe this?

not so much

maybe if I hit it

let's try walking away without drawing attention

there's no way this can end badly

Eject and Reject take Disney by force street show

 star light, star bright
first star I see tonight
I wish with all my heart's dear might
that they would not turn out the light