chilLAX, I got here safe.

I thought about getting this for my sister whom I am visiting for the week.
Then, I thought the better of it.
The ascent and descent of the second flight just about killed.
Maybe my ears still being in pain from the first flight had something to do with it.
Whatever the reason, agony ensued.
During the flight, however, I found myself seated to a very handsome young geologist.
He was kind enough to share with me that he was born and raised in California but as of late was only spending his summers there.
Well, his work is in New York where he has a grant researching possibilities in geothermal energy.
Handsome, smart, successful.
Yes, please.
I, on the other hand, tried to stay awake reading the Mysterious Benedict Society while he read Eating Animals.
Also, I turned the poem I wrote for Ceejus' wedding to the Foliage into a little book just to see how it would look.
When those book related things and earsplitting things weren't happening, I did my famous Rosie-Bob.
Good thing I was in a cushioned airplane seat this time and not a wooden church pew.