Weekend Highlights

  1. The new Blogger draft system appears to be hating my iPad (let me post);
  2. My life seems a lot less entertaining since returning to the East coast; and,
  3. Family picnics are always entertaining.
So, while in LA becoming "best buds" with Mr. G, my mother and sister finished the wedding invites and mailed them.
They are crazy entertaining, people.
Crazy being the operative word, much like our family Christmas cards.
Said cards are not always received by my father's family with - shall we say - understanding.
Fingers were crossed this would not be the case for the wedding invites.
No dice.
I won't go into any more detail than that.
You see, these were the highlights for me:
  1. Aunt Jen's reaction to Derek Jeter's 3000th;
  2. Seeing a Phillies fan in Yankee central after ten years of living with two Yankee fans in Phillies central;
  3. Playing catch with the Foliage; and,
  4. Totally chickening when I went to ask my grandpa if he'd be okay with me writing a book about his grandmother.
I've really got to work on the whole being a coward thing.
Hopefully that will go hand-in-hand with my new daily cardio-routine.
Baby fat meet elliptical.
Seriously, people, graduation's coming up and the datin' pool has been a-waitin'.