Apologies and the Promise of Bragging Rights

One guess who hasn't posted in  a while.
Well, I realized this was to be my one-hundredth post and I wanted it to be special.
Mistake one.
So, I decided to make a short video about losing my books to make room for wedding guests.
Mistake two.

Reasons the video didn't work:

  1. weeding out books was severely depressing;
  2. footage obtained from weeding process was equally depressing and caused me to relive the whole tragic event;
  3. weeding books was supposed to get my room clean but then wedding weekend happened and my room is no longer clean (but you can still see the floor) and the video was supposed to end on a not-as-high-as-one-might-think note with my room being clean; and,
  4. I have yet to find my proton pack. Dr. Spencer Reid's library now rivals mine in size from how many books I had to give up and I don't even get the satisfaction of having my proton pack. Now if I get slimed I'll just have to take it. Not that I wouldn't love it, but a girl should at least have the option of defending herself. Vankman had a proton pack and he got slimed. Case and point.
So. No video. No proton pack. Significantly fewer books in my life.
Somebody cue Peter Pan and the pixie dust, it's time for a happy little thought.

My sister got married last weekend.
There's one less Jermusyk in the world.
Actually, no one ever stops being a Jermusyk.
They just live incognito.

You're not as cool as you think you are.

I'm a Jermusyk.

I stand corrected.

The guy she married makes for a very happy addition to the Jermusyk family.
Within the next five years, I will have established myself as the bestest aunt ever.

I'm a Jermusyk.