Where Prudence and Frugality Converge

I have a gorgeous antique wooden desk.
The desk has a keyhole.
The drawers have keyholes.
I have the key.
This desk being in my life makes me a very happy person.
It was my mom's and we swapped.

My old desk is now the sewing center in her art room.
It's got this huge shelf thing on top of the desk portion.
Over the eight years it was mine, I decided I don't like having furniture that's taller than me.
Should my furniture suddenly come to life, I don't want it to give it any more of an edge in the inevitable revolution.

Anyway, I was never able to find a chair of appropriate seat-height for my old desk and I was having equally bad luck with my new old desk.
Marshall's had a few chairs that were just right, except they were over the budget I'd set for myself.
How sad is it that Marshall's didn't have a good chair in budget?
On my mother's suggestion, I was going to Pier 1.

You know how mothers always say, "Go to the bathroom before you leave the house, even if you don't have to go?"
There was a chair in my bathroom. No joke.

Back when Hollywood (official new nickname for sister in LA) wanted everything 1950s our mother bought a little red-and-white striped bistro chair.
At least, that's how I remember it going, I could be wrong.
Anyway, these days the chair is usually used as a step stool when anyone wants to get into the attic, the door to which is right outside my bathroom where the chair landed when it was no longer required for access.

Would it be okay if I reupholstered the little chair upstairs with the red-and-white stripes?

The bistro chair?

Yeah, the seat's pretty deflated but we've got all that green foam lying around doing nothing that I could use to make the seat the perfect height and I have all that leftover fabric from my failed skirt experiment.

Go for it.


Turns out Dad threw out the really big piece of green foam I need, but there was this forgotten foam cylinder upstairs that I just sat on to squish to size and then stuffed around the edges with smaller green foam.
So the seat is very firm and looks like a little mushroom and is the perfect height for working on my desk and is no worse for my  back than a wooden chair. I promise.