Baby's First Conference

I went to my first writers conference Saturday.

The workshops were awesome.
The readings/recitations were awesome.
Lunch was included.

It was awesome.

The last time I was in Dover/at Wesley College was Girls' State 2005 (because I'm awesome)
The whole thing really added fuel to my burning passion for all things Polish.
Did I happen to mention my WORLD mythology textbook is missing all the Slavic stuff, inlcuding Poland.
Beyond heartbreaking, beyond.

Anyhoo, when I got home I bragged about my awesomeness (obviously) and then proceeded to fight with a bookshelf behind which a family tree I had copied from Grandma JJ had fallen a couple summers back and hadn't bothered to look for again until I suddenly realized it also had a list of mailing addresses for several Jermusyk cousins (they pronounce it differently from me, begin cluster-cuss) which are no longer available to me via yellow pages unless I pay a fee (lame).

Major run-on sentence aside, I did lots of googling and found this site and a blog that leads to a whole lot of other blogs by Polish people and people who wish they were Polish.
Why? Poles are awesome.

So, blogosphere, who wants to share facts about Poland?
So far I know Jermusyk does not actually mean "Golden Prince" in Polish.
It totally should, though. Right? Of course I'm right.
When I'm famous they'll make an honorary addition to their dictionary. You know, at least.