The Worms Crawl In

Oh, man. Oh, Man. Oh, MAN.
Oh, and I'm not even slightly perturbed it's not a full-on phantasmagoria. 

Admission: FREE
Auditorium: 500 seats
Reservations: NONE, first-come first-serve basis

I really Really REALLY want to go.
If anyone going gets there before me, save me a seat and tweet me so I know.
If I go, I'll tweet and blog as much and be accompanied by my mom.
If Ceejus and the Foliage join us, I'll tweet and blog as much.

I saw a magic lantern at an antique shop relatively recently and locally.
Not saying where. Don't want you buying it out from under me.
I need it to remain unsold until Christmas. It's gorgeous.

Graduating: Christmas gift to myself.
Magic lantern: Christmas gift from someone who loves me. Probably Hollywood.